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We’re on a mission to give every child in England access to a laptop which is fit for purpose to help with their education.

We Need Your Help.

We’ve been delighted to see many businesses running initiatives to gather unused old laptops to try create a supply for Schools, but unfortunately with the need for uniformed security settings and laptops being part of a single school network which is monitored and maintained this simply isn’t possible or realistic with a mixed bag of devices. This is why we’re launching Devices for Education to deliver a solution which puts a brand new fit-for-purpose device into the hands of every pupil in England.

Devices for Education is a 1:1 Service

Schools fund the 1:1 program with an operating lease which allows the cost of the device to be spread over a maximum of 3 years. Avoiding precious resources being tied up in depreciating assets. 

We offer an industry first digital platform to allow all schools to discover, customise and agree to an operating lease plus the ability to include parental contribution facilities free of charge, maximising choice and minimising admin. 

There are no document fees which saves up to £300 per school, no credit facility fees, saving up to £100 per school per year and all pricing includes finance and device insurance. 

Qualifying Product

GeoBook 2E & Sleeve Bundle

GeoBook 2e is for learning, at any time in any place. A lightweight 12.5-inch design ensures easy portability for users of all ages while an Intel Quad or Dual Core processor, 4GB of RAM memory and 64GB of fast eMMC built-in storage provide the performance.

Outright Purchase Price £193.47 (Ex-VAT)

Monthly Lease Price £7.72 (Ex-VAT)*

Via a 3 year operating lease that includes accidental damage and theft insurance (zero excess)
*Billed quarterly. This price is inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax, and may be subject to change.

About Stone Group

Our experience Schools Team recognise the individual needs of different Schools and understand the pressure to performance felt by Teachers and Students alike. 


Effective utilisation of technology is central in engaging students, facilitation fulfilling learning experiences and reaching school-wide success. Technology doesn’t only inspire the tech-savvy student generation but can also ease the timely processes of “non-teaching” responsibilities for staff. 


Tel: 08448 221 122