We’re on a mission to give every child in England access to a laptop which is fit for purpose to help with their education.

We Need Your Help.

We’ve been delighted to see many businesses running initiatives to gather unused old laptops to try create a supply for Schools, but unfortunately with the need for uniformed security settings and laptops being part of a single school network which is monitored and maintained this simply isn’t possible or realistic with a mixed bag of devices. This is why we’re launching Devices for Education to deliver a solution which puts a brand new fit-for-purpose device into the hands of every pupil in England.

How can I help?

Parental Contibution

Parents have had to quickly adapt to helping their kids learn from home. This requires access to a suitable device for learning. This isn’t possible for some students. Parents can now contribute through their school and gain access to the latest devices optimised for education. 

Sponsor a Device

If you don’t have children in education but would like to support our initiative to give all pupils across England access to laptops for their education. You can sponsor a device or donate to help us achieve this goal. 

Reseller Details

Below are the active resellers taking part in this program, if you’d like to find out how to take advantage of these offers please contact your reseller who will be happy to assist.


How do kids benefit from this programme?

Schools have been forced to adapt to distance learning and rapidly evolve to support parents in Home Schooling. The donation and use of old devices is a great first step but this creates more technical and security issues for the schools because of the varying ages and abilities of the devices. We are on a mission to put brand new devices which are fit for purpose, fully secure and managed into the hands of every pupil across England. Allowing Parents, teachers and pupils alike to focus on learning.

Can I nominate my local school?

Yes Please! We are speaking directly to schools, education boards and local authorities in addition to our traditional channels through the device manufacturers. You are a key enabler of this program and we need your help to spread the message as quickly as possible to get every school on board and help pupils across England.